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DSK Guide to Video Game History

Published 2011

Welcome to my History of Video Games where I try to tell the story from its beginnings through to the present day and the future.

On reading video game histories I have always been frustrated by many of the systems I and my friends grew up with in the UK not being mentioned or at best being only given a foot note. The reason is of course many of these publications are American in origin and so of course over there these systems were little known about. Also a lot of these books didn't cover everything I felt they should with many great games and developers being missed out. Therefore I have contemplated on doing my own video game history for many years as whilst not being the best person to do the task I could at least try and offer something different to what is out there. Originally I was going to do a print on demand book with mind to just print it for me and have it sat on the shelf which would expensive to do but kind of cool. But when I saw retro videos on You Tube I realized I could do a Video book on You Tube and then at least a few others could enjoy it as well.

Now a couple of years on and I am at time of writing nearly finished and whilst not perfect (with my skills at writing and video production not too great). I am in the main quite proud of what I have produced with it being I believe the most comprehensive video series on video game history that I am aware of.

So before you begin I would like to note a few things about the series. This is a video book with each episode being a chapter. Therefore like a book certain chapters can be quite long (usually 30 minutes), but remember like a book you donĂ¢t have to watch a full chapter in one sitting. Secondly please be aware that in early chapters I was still gaining confidence with the mic and so please try to give the series a couple of episodes before making you mind up whether you like it or not.

Remember this is a totally free series done in my spare time and done simply to share my love of video games and its history. So sit back grab hold of you joysticks and join me as I take from the beginning right through to the future of video games.

Producer Paul Driscoll
Audio/Visual sound, color


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